All the students should attend the class on all working days and even on special occasions wearing the prescribed school uniform.School uniform Students have to wear the prescribed school uniform on all working days.

WednesdayHouse Uniform
SaturdayHouse Uniform
All Other dayColour Uniform
  • All the students shall follow the dress code prescribed by the management.
  • All the girls must use black hair bands and tie their hair neatly with black ribbon. Mehandi, kajal, bindi, nail polish, perfumes and bangles are not allowed.
  • Boys are not allowed to grow their hair long. It should be trimmed periodically.
  • Jewellery of any kind is not allowed in the school.
  • Every student should wear clean uniform daily. A pupil who comes to school in untidy or ill-fitting uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • The student should have sufficient sets of uniform. School uniform clothes are provided by the school. This is to prevent the fading of the colour of the uniform.
  • Girls: Long hair should be tied into two plaits. Short hair should be pinned properly. Only black hairpins and ribbons are allowed. At any cost, the hair should not fall on the forehead

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