• One must obtain 35% of marks in all the subjects to secure promotion. The progress of a child depends very much on the fundamentals that are taught and learned in the lower classes.
  • Open house conducted after every test & examination. Parents are requested to attend without fail. In case, you cannot attend, prior notification should be intimated to the Principal, otherwise you will not be allowed to meet the class teacher without the permission of the Principal.
  • Ranks are given only to those who pass all the subjects.
  • On matters concerning the promotion and retention, the Principal's decision is final. No student who fails will get the T.C with a pass certificate.
  • Re-examinations for absentees from exams are not conducted for any student for whatsoever reasons.
  • Candidates shall not communicate with one another in any manner whatsoever during the examination and may not leave the examination room unescorted for any reason
  • Anyone found using unfair means in Test / Exam will be debarred from writing the examination and he / she will be expelled from the school.

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