Absence And Leave

  • Staying away from school without leave is not permitted except¬† during sudden illness. No leave of absence will be sanctioned nor will a pupil be allowed to go away from the school during the school hours without a prior written application for leave from his / her parent stating the reasons. Birthdays, excursions, festivals, urgent business, preparation for examination etc. are not the right reasons for taking leave.
  • After an absence from class, the pupil must bring the reason for absence duly entered in the Absence Leave Record. Medical certificate is to be furnished when leave is taken on medical grounds. It should be written on the letterhead of the doctor/ hospital with seal.
  • Pupils must not absent themselves from school on the day prior to holidays or test / exams. They must rejoin the classes after the holidays on the reopening day itself. Any violation of this rule without a prior written application and permission will be considered a serious and punishable offence.
  • Pupils should have a minimum of 85% attendance to be eligible for appearing for the Terminal Examination.
  • Students having 100% attendance will receive merit certificates.
  • Late arrival is a violation of discipline. A student who comes late to school, must enter the date and time of arrival under LATE ARRIVAL in the Regularity Record and it should be countersigned by the Principal. Late arrivals may be punished each time. Students who come late habitually, may be sent home and asked to bring their parents / guardians. EXAMINATIONS v One must obtain 35% of marks in all the subjects to secure promotion. The progress of a child depends very much on the fundamentals that are taught and learned in the lower classes.

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