The motto of the school is " Wisdom to Love and serve"

The Primary objectives of De Paul Public School is to impart sound formation (physical, mental, social, moral, religious, eco-friendly) based on the principles of Christian faith, to the young minds. The institution also aims at an integrated development of all stakeholders.

The method of education followed in this institution is the one taught and practiced by St. Vincent De Paul, a great educator and social transformer. It is based on the reverential love for God, on Conviction, on the helpful presence of the educator for timely corrections and guidance. St. Vincent termed it as Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.

The following subjects are being taught in the school with a view to prepare pupils for their CBSE Examination :
Social Science

The other subjects are Information Technology, Physical Education,Karate/ Yoga, Value Education and General Knowledge. The Work education, Life skills followed as per CCE of CBSE.