Audio Visual Facilities/Smart Room : The School's infrastructure includes the Smart Room where the student learn and enjoy the art technology. It has a capacity to seat around 100 students, which creates an atmosphere of a modern theatre.

Lab Facilities : Well Equipped Laboratories for different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.

Computer Lab : A well equipped Computer Lab in 1:2 (Pupil – Computer ) ratio, with school related computer software based on the IT subject is provided.

Play Ground : A vast play field is provided to give due importance to physical fitness and train students in various games like – volleyball, basketball, throw ball, kho-kho, foot-ball & shuttle court (indoor & outdoor).

Auditorium : The school has a big auditorium, which provides a platform to the students and encourage them to organize science exhibitions, show their talents in music and dance. The students are encouraged to participate in the Assembly, which is conducted every alternative days.

Library Facilities : The school has a big library where each student is provided with good number of various reference books - class-wise. Magazines, Periodicals, Dailies are provided for the students to know about the current affairs.